MTBBaas interview met professioneel MTB'er @jordibago

Vandaag hebben we wel een heel bijzonder MTBBaas interview voor jullie. Wij hebben namelijk professioneel MTB rijder en (oud) wereldkampioen Jordi Bago weten te strikken voor een interview. Hoe tof is dat?!

Tussen al het reizen, filmen en wedstrijden rijden door heeft hij gelukkig nog wat tijd gevonden (op het vliegveld vertelde hij ons) om onze vragen beantwoorden. Lees het hieronder!

1. What's your name and where are you from?

Jordi Bago. I'm from Sant Esteve de Palautordera – Barcelona

2. What do you do for a living?

Professional MTB rider and Develop products for almost all factory sponsors.

As well I design and build some trails and bike parks like I did in Russia, Colombia, Azores, Portugal etc etc

3. How long have you been mountainbiking?

Over 30 years now!

4. When did your love for mountainbiking start and why do you love MTB so much?

It started when I was kid. I was always dreaming that someday I can live from my dream, and today I can and for many more years. It's so difficult to find someone who can life from there dream and I do.

But I work so hard that I've no idea what the word "holiday" mean. There is always so much going on; testing or riding, traveling or filming.

5. Approximately how often do you cycle per week or per month?

I ride my bikes every day, 2 or 3 times. It's very often a full day training and riding, some days shootings and many days making trips or training camps all over the world. Life is all about ride and cycling

6. How much time a day / a week do you spend on “MTB”?

Well everything I do during the day is about MTB, riding, training, testing, shootings, meetings working on projects. Visit sponsors.

It's like a normal job, just doing what I love that make it always better.

7. What was your first mountainbike?

It was a "Monty". I do have a picture, it was a very very heavy bike, if you look now! No front fork, cantilever brakes, hahaha! But at that time was very good.

Still have this bike on my bike collection at home. I also share it in my documental I did for Discovery channel. Using that bike and the clothes as well that I use it back at the time I got it!

It's amazing to see how much things had changed over the years..

8. Which mountainbike do you ride now?

I am riding for Pivot cycles Factory for the last 3 years, and before was 5 years riding for Santa Cruz Factory also!

Well I do have many of them so I will make you nice pics to share with you of all the amazing Pivot cycles I have! Love them!!!

  • Pivot Phoenix 29 DH

  • Pivot Vault

  • Pivot Mach 5.5

  • Pivot Firebird

  • Pivot 429trail

  • Pivot Point

  • Pivot Schuttle

  • Pivot Mach 6

  • Pivot Switchblade

9. What is your top 3 of favorite MTB routes/tracks? And which one is really your favorite?

This is my Top 3:

  • Schladming - Austria

  • Maribor - Slovenia

  • Sochi – Russia

My favorite is the track in Schladming. I've had some really good world cup races there. And also at Kaprun near by. Love Austria.

10. What is your favorites mountainbike destination abroad?


Schladming is my favorite spot, love the trails over there and the track we did for the world cups in the pass and now for the IXS races. Have bit of all and all is great!! The people, the mountains, super epic location!

Maribor in Slovenia:

That is near Austria is also nice place to ride, many friends there and great food near the gondola and nice hotels.


With the family Crankbrothers spend always some weeks a year with them riding on the nice trails near Laguna Beach, many fun trails and some technical trails. Always love spend time with them, and testing some new things for the future be on the market.


Is really cool with pivot cycles. Remined me of the place I spend winter on the canary island. The view the mountains the terrain and the weather.

And last but not least important;

My local place where we have everything to ride many bike parks around, amazing mountains and nature and the best tracks in Barcelona and Spain for sure! Where all pro riders and teams come to test.

As well my back yard which I build my self and is amazing!!

11. What is your favorite shop / online store for buying your mountainbike, clothing and accessories?

I think I can't answer this question, because I don’t do that haha. I'm so lucky all my factory sponsor give me everything for all my bikes and accessories etc.

Pivot cycles – Crankbrothers - Kask – Manzur cycling – Kmc europe– Schwalbe tires – Allmountain style – Protaper – Selle San Marco – Trp cycling – KOO – Unior Tools – Go pro – Gold Nutrition – Triptico bags - Folgado Preformance – Nissan – Brissa Motor – Fred Olsen express – Binter

12. What does your equipment look like? What do you always take with you when you go cycling?

I take always with me:

My pro tool box with everything from Unior tools, to have the best care for the bike. Replacement from the bike, pro taper, trp brakes, Schwalbe tires for dry and wet. Some extra wheels, pedals from Crankbrothers, saddles from Selle San Marco. Mud guard from Allmountain and something more can't tell yet from them.

Well in clothes and outfit:

I can custom all my outfits with my Sponsor Manzur cycling. They have amazing clothes material and they let me have all my stuff custom. You guys should have look on there website!!! Honestly is the best comfy and great material I had on the clothes, so fresh and top quality!

As well Kask and I design very light and top carbon helmet for dh and endure and we also make some allmountain helmets that are top!

Now I get onboard with there goggles collection and I helped them to improve and give an inside view from what racer needs and give the best product to the final customer.

Some flat pedals and shoes and spd shoes from crankbrothers to make more fun and full match there new line!

13. What advice would you like to give to new MTB’ers?

That they listen and look to the pro's. You always they can learn a lot from them. It sure will help you to ride better!!

And that you must enjoy every ride and also respect the nature! I'ts the most important to enjoy riding and the rest come along.. So ride with friends and have fun!

Now the kids get super bikes when they start. We didn’t had that before and also the materials and the tracks are lot better than before.

So everything is more cool now, but all is the same, fun in bike!! Is the best feeling enjoy the ride, the adrenaline mtb give us!!

14. How do your loved ones feel about your mountainbike lifestyle?

I am one of the lucky ones, that my lifestyle is my job. I travel the world riding my pivot cycles bikes, doing events all over the world for channels like Discovery Max.

I've also had ESPN channel on my training camps this year in Colombia - Costa Rica - Panama etc

In Colombia together with Manzur we will build some new tracks and bike park for all the MTB riders in that zone. And make many training camps!

I'm also doing some big projects with actors for big events, and I helped one hospital for kids, hope we can do that end of this year in Colombia.

Testing new products from all my sponsors. Making so races also and enjoy everyday what o am doing.

Doing reports for the best MTB magazines in Canary island and Barcelona…

What else can tell¿ love my life!!

15. On which channels can people find you?

Facebook: Jordi Bago

Instagram: Jordi Bago

I also have Vimeo and Youtube but to busy that I don’t do much there Jordi Bago

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